what heads are on the ford gt v6

What Heads Are On The Ford Gt V6? Look on the sides of the cylinder heads. The sides of the cylinder head face towards the exhaust manifold on one side, and the intake manifold on the other. In various locations, “GT40” is cast in raised characters on each side of the cylinder head.

How do I know if I have a GT40 head? Look on the sides of the cylinder heads. The sides of the cylinder head face towards the exhaust manifold on one side, and the intake manifold on the other. In various locations, “GT40” is cast in raised characters on each side of the cylinder head.

What vehicles have GT40 heads? Which Vehicles Had GT40 Heads? The GT40 heads can be found specifically on the 1993-1995 SVT Cobra Mustang as well as the 1993-1995 SVT Lightning. These can also be found on the 1996-Mid 1997 Ford Explorer & Mercury Mountaineer SUV.

What V-6 is in the Ford GT? From its aerodynamically optimized shape to its multifunctional buttresses to its extraordinarily powerful 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 engine, everything about the Ford GT is designed to deliver pure performance.

What’s better GT40 or GT40P heads?

GT40 vs GT40P, which are better? Really, when you get down to it, neither head is any measurable difference better than the other. The GT40P does have a slight edge over the GT40 cylinder head because of its smaller chamber volume. The smaller combustion chamber can net a bit more compression, but only marginally.

How much HP do GT40 heads add?

Essentially, you can port your E7TE heads, which will earn you about thirty horsepower, or you can upgrade to GT40 heads, which will also earn you about thirty horsepower.

What year Explorer has GT40 heads?

“F77E” (F7 = 1997, 7 = Explorer) GT-40P heads were on early ’97-’01 Explorer and Mountaineer, and some Falcon GT engines.

What size valves are in GT40P heads?

The GT40 valve sizes are 1.85/1.54 for the intake and exhaust, while the GT40P went to a smaller 1.46-inch exhaust valve. There were other changes to the GT40P, including a slightly smaller combustion chamber reduced from 65 cc to roughly 60, which benefits the compression ratio.

What does GT40 stand for?

The high-performance Ford GT40 is the dream child of Ford Motors, conceived in America and birthed in England. The GT stands for Grand Touring, and the 40 refers to its overall height in inches. It was produced from 1964-1969, and has since become an American racing icon.

What did the GT40 intake come on?

In reality, the official ‘GT40’ intake was of a tubular design (AKA, very pretty), and was offered by Ford Racing via their aftermarket catalog. The GT40 intake did not come stock on any Mustang or Explorer, but it did come on 93-95 Lightnings.

Is the Ford GT a hypercar?

Preserving fossil fuels is the lowest priority when it comes to hypercars. However, the Ford GT is one of the most efficient examples.

Is Ford GT a muscle car?

Ford Mustang GT, a V8-powered muscle car.

What does GT stand for in Ford GT?

GT stands for gran turismo, or “grand touring.” Although the Italian who originally thought up the term gran turismo, or GT, has been lost to history along with their reasoning, the definition was clear: A GT car fit between a sports car and a luxury car.

Can you put gt40 heads on 351W?

from Michigan. I had those heads on my car with standard length roller cam pushrods and I never had a problem… And they will work on the 351W also.. Just make sure you use ’78 and newer 351W pushrods to use with the GT-40 heads…

How much horsepower is in a 302?

Standard Ford 289 and 302 small-blocks were factory-rated between 200 and 230 hp. The vaunted 289 High-Performance engine was said to make 271 hp. Today, if a 302 Ford makes 360 hp on pump gas with a hydraulic cam, most experts consider it to be a pretty good motor-at least until Joe Sherman steps up to the plate.

How much do GT40P heads flow?

A set of brand new, stock GT40P’s will flow 190cfm from . 400 to over . 500 lift intake, peaking at about 195cfm. That’s a serious improvement over stock, and well matched to mild head/cam/intake combinations.

Will GT40P headers fit GT40 heads?

Registered. Just looking at the angles of the tubes, I’d say no, they won’t fit gt40p.

Is the Ford GT faster than a Ferrari?

We won’t always use the F8 as the major comparison but to begin with, however, Ford bests it at top speed by 5 mph. 216mph in the blue oval badged car vs 211 in the prancing horse. 5 mph may not seem like much but it also gets there quicker.

How fast is a Ford GT?

Ford claims a top speed of about 215 mph. Slam on its carbon-ceramic brakes, and the Ford GT stops from 60 mph in just 95 feet.

Is a Ford GT a Mustang?

The Ford GT began life as a concept car designed in anticipation of the automaker’s centennial year and as part of its drive to showcase and revive its “heritage” names such as Mustang and Thunderbird. At the 2002 North American International Auto Show, Ford unveiled a new GT40 Concept car.

Is Ford making a new GT?

Final year of America’s Le Mans winning supercar With only 1,350 Ford GT street cars planned, the third-generation Ford GT remains exclusive and highly exotic. Deliveries of the 2022 final model-year Ford GT is scheduled to begin in January with production wrapping up in late 2022.

Is Ford GT street legal?

Like its ancestor that beat Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Ford GT is a true street-legal race car. It showcases all of Ford’s technological prowess with a carbon fibre body and an advanced aerodynamic system. Its twin-turbo, 3.5-litre V6 engine develops 647 horsepower and 550 lb.

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