is the toyota matrix 4 wheel drive

The all-new Matrix comes in four models: Matrix, Matrix XR, Matrix XRS and Matrix AWD.

Does Toyota Matrix come in all-wheel drive? The all-new Matrix comes in four models: Matrix, Matrix XR, Matrix XRS and Matrix AWD.

Is Toyota Matrix front-wheel drive? Upon its introduction, the 2003 Toyota Matrix was powered by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that’s paired with a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission. Base and XR models offered standard front-wheel drive and available all-wheel drive. … A fully redesigned Toyota Matrix was introduced in 2009.

Are Toyota Matrix good in the snow?

With a versatile interior, great reliability, and part-time AWD, it serves as a good, affordable winter car — one that you might keep in your driveway for years.

Is Matrix AWD good in snow?

The Matrix will do just fine in the snow, especially with snow tires.

Which is better Matrix or Corolla?

They offer different options to suit different people. While the Corolla is much smaller with less cargo space, the Matrix has more cargo space and legroom. In a nutshell, in terms of performance, they are almost the same but in terms of cargo space and legroom, that’s where the difference is.

How many miles will a Toyota Matrix last?

without a doubt the most reliable engine ever built. If the maintenance schedule was followed from new, a Matrix should last well over 300k miles.

Are Toyota Matrix reliable?

The Toyota Matrix has gotten good reliability ratings. RepairPal has given the Matrix a solid 4.0 out of 5.0 rating. J.D. Power has also given the Matrix a similar score of 4 out of 5. The Matrix’s reliability could be attributed to the fact that it’s essentially a Toyota Corolla with a bigger trunk.

Do Toyota Matrix have transmission problems?

Transmission Issues Matrix owners have reported excessive noise and knocking from the transmission when accelerated. They also have complained of erratic shifting and/or whining noises from the floor board, as well as hesitation during shifts. These issues could be due to manufacturer defect or poor maintenance.

Can you sleep in Toyota Matrix?

Bonus! Agreed, Matrix is comfy and spacious enough. I can barely sleep in it (6’3″ tall). Works well solo or with a partner.

Why did they stop making Toyota Matrix?

On August 5, 2013, Toyota announced an end to production of the Matrix for the US market after the 2013 model year due to declining sales, and that there were no plans to replace it with another vehicle.

Is the Pontiac Vibe the same as a Toyota Matrix?

The Pontiac Vibe is a compact car that was sold by Pontiac from 2002 to 2010. It was jointly developed by General Motors along with Toyota, who manufactures the mechanically similar Toyota Matrix.

Is the Corolla hatchback the same as the Matrix?

The Matrix’s biggest change was the fact that it was a hatchback, and this gave it an SUV-like cargo capacity. … The Matrix had the same engine options as the Corolla did.

Is Toyota Matrix automatic?

Toyota Matrix Expert Review The base L model is powered by a 1.8-liter I-4 that puts out 132 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque. Power is fed to the front wheels (all-wheel drive is optional) through a standard five-speed manual or the optional four-speed torque convertor automatic transmission.

Who is matrix in Nigeria?

Matrix Energy Group is a rapidly growing indigenous and integrated Oil Marketing and Trading Company in Nigeria, which was incorporated November 25, 2004.

How much does Toyota Matrix 2010 cost in Nigeria?

The fair price of Toyota Matrix 2010 in Nigeria of Toyota Matrix 2010 for sale in Nigeria range from ₦1,200,000 to ₦3,300,000 depending on the condition, specifically: Nigerian used Toyota Matrix 2010 price in Nigeria: ₦1,200,000 – ₦1,950,000.

How much is the Toyota Matrix?

The 2013 Toyota Matrix has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) starting around $20,000 when equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. Opting for the Matrix S with AWD brings the price to around $23,000. With the Sport and Premium packages added, the Matrix S tops out just over $25,000.

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