how to engage 4 wheel drive toyota 4runner

Press on the brake and shift into neutral. Then, move the gear shift lever to L4 (or H4). You can shift into either drive or reverse to set your new gear.

How do I put my 4Runner in 4 wheel drive? To use the four-wheel drive system on your 4Runner, locate the shift lever transfer on your center console. With this shift lever, you can swap between two-wheel drive high, four-wheel drive high, and four-wheel drive low, depending on your needs.

Can you put 4Runner in 4WD while driving? Say hello to the Shift Lever Transfer Case on Toyota 4Runner. The 4Runner Trail Grade has a lever to shift the transfer case between two-wheel drive high (H2), four-wheel drive high (H4), and four-wheel drive low ranges (L4). You can shift from H2 to H4 while driving at speeds less than 50 miles per hour.

Does 4Runner have locking differential?

To help you negotiate uncertain terrain, 4Runner’s available electronically controlled locking rear differential distributes engine power evenly to both rear wheels, so they move at the same speed, even if one is off the ground. It is designed to help you maintain a controlled pace over obstacles.

Does 2002 4Runner have locking differential?

Additionally, the 4Runner Limited gained an automatic mode for its 4WD system. … The rear differential lock was discontinued, and all 4Runners instead began to include a sophisticated traction and stability control system that could be partially defeated at the tap of a button.

What year 4Runner has rear locker?

the rear locker was an option on all v6 4×4 4Runners from 1996-1999, and in 2000 it was only available on the limited 4x4s. In 2001 and 2002 only the center diff lock was available.

Do 4th Gen 4Runners have lockers?

All 4WD 4th gens have a center diff lock. Rear locker is in addition to that on 09 Trail Edition. ARB lockers front and rear.

Does 2001 4Runner have locking differential?

A 2001 4runner is the same as a 99 limited without the electronic locking rear diff option. OP, Read the link I posted. It is simple to understand even if you are a lib arts major.

How do I know if my 4Runner has an e locker?

Registered. Quickest way to tell if any 4runner has the factory electric rear locker is if it has the dash mounted switch. Its located to the left of the steering wheel. It says, “Locking Rear Diff.”

What is the best year of Toyota 4Runner?

The most reliable Toyota 4Runner model year from the fourth generation is 2008. The 2008 Toyota 4Runner is recommended by Vehicle History. In addition, the 2008 4Runner earned the Dependability Award from J.D. Power.

What are lockers on a 4Runner?

The locker changes this- both your rear wheels are going to spin with the same amount of torque and speed- which gives you much better traction.

Does 4th gen 4Runner have locking differential?

All 4th gens have a center differential lock. The 2009 Trail has both a center diff lock and a rear diff lock. You can’t even get those two things together on any 5th gen 4Runner. All 4th gens have a center differential lock.

How much does it cost to install a rear locker on a 4Runner?

Basically, they’re charging $550 in labor to install the locker and $300 to install the compressor.

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