how to become a gm certified mechanic

How To Become A Gm Certified Mechanic? GM ASEP is a two (2) year college automotive training program that leads to an Applied Associates of Service (AAS) Degree in automotive service management. Students attend class full time for eight (8) weeks followed by (8) weeks of full time paid work experience at local general Motors Dealership.

How long is the GM ASEP program? GM ASEP is a two (2) year college automotive training program that leads to an Applied Associates of Service (AAS) Degree in automotive service management. Students attend class full time for eight (8) weeks followed by (8) weeks of full time paid work experience at local general Motors Dealership.

What qualifies you as a master mechanic? Master mechanics are expected to have solid customer service skills, the dexterity to repair automotive parts, and familiarity with the computer systems found in cars. According to, median annual salary for automotive technicians with ASE master mechanic certification was $50,081 in 2020.

What is GM certification? Crucially, all vehicles classified as GM Certified Pre-Owned come with a six-year, 100,000-mile powertrain warranty and a 12-month/12,000 mile bumper-to-bumper warranty.

What is a GM ASEP?

The General Motors Automotive Service Educational Program (ASEP) is a two-year automotive program designed to prepare students to become entry level dealership service technicians. The curriculum is designed by General Motors and Cerritos College, and leads to two certificates of achievement.

What’s the difference between a mechanic and a master mechanic?

The master mechanic is a highly advanced mechanic at an auto repair shop or dealership. While a master mechanic is not necessarily a higher ranking employee as compared to a mechanic, your qualifications may grant you seniority.

How much do auto technicians make in California?

The average salary for a automotive technician is $25.70 per hour in California and $6,625 overtime per year. 3.1k salaries reported, updated at May 12, 2022.

What years can be GM certified?

GM Certified used vehicles must be 5 model years old or newer and have less than 75,000 miles.

What does certified mean GMC?

HELD TO A HIGHER STANDARD Before a vehicle earns the title of “Certified,” we make sure it meets our high standards. And that title comes with more than just peace of mind. It comes with a comprehensive range of benefits that adds value to your vehicle purchase.

Are brakes covered under GM Certified warranty?

Items that are normally considered “Maintenance and Wear” are excluded from warranty coverage. Examples include, but are not limited to, batteries, brake pads, linings, shoes, rotors, tires, or any service or part required to be performed or replaced as recommended by the GM Maintenance Schedule.

What is the highest level of auto mechanic?

ASE’s highest recognition is the ‘Blue Seal of Excellence’ designation for auto repair centers and dealers that exhibit superior service and hire a staff that are at least 75% ASE Certified. These elite facilities are among the best in the nation and offer complete repair and maintenance care.

Is it worth getting ASE certified?

ASE Certified Mechanics assures you that the person behind that wrench has more than just basic knowledge about cars and is a master mechanic who has proven that they have skills and knowledge. Having one or more certifications from the ASE is one of the highest levels of certification a mechanic can receive.

How long does it take to get ASE certified?

The process to become ASE Certified is not an easy feat. In order to attain ASE Certification, technicians must complete a minimum of 2 years of qualified work experience and pass a challenging test for each certification.

How do I become a Mercedes mechanic?

Mechanics can become certified to get Mercedes-Benz certified in a couple of ways: through auto mechanic technical programs that partner with Mercedes-Benz, or through a partnership with the Universal Technical Institute.

What is a mechanic C?

Summary: A Class C Maintenance Mechanic is defined as one who can satisfactorily make minor repairs to vehicles and assist with any type of work encountered in servicing or repairing vehicles and equipment, buildings and equipment, machinery and fixtures, make bus changes and road calls as may be assigned.

How can an auto mechanic make the most money?

One of the best ways for an auto mechanic to make extra money is to do work on the side. There are many people who hate to take their car into the dealership for service. But if they know that you will do the work for them outside of the dealership they will be more than happy to pay you for it.

How much do welders make?

How much does a welder make? Well, in welding, you can make anywhere from $29,000 to $117,000 per year, with the median annual salary being $58,000. Experience and education level factor into how much a welder earns. Excellent skill and experience can lead to higher pay.

How do mechanics get paid?

What Is Flat Rate Pay For Mechanics? Flat rate pay is payment based on each job that’s completed. An employer or manufacturer estimates the amount of time a job should take. The employer pays the technician a predetermined amount for that job, based on the expected time.

What is special coverage N182202780?

Subject: N182202780 – Special Coverage. Brake Assist Decreased due to Vacuum Loss. Models: 2014 – 2017 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV.

What is bumper-to-bumper warranty?

What Does a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty Cover? A bumper-to-bumper limited warranty is sometimes called a comprehensive warranty. It covers nearly everything from the front bumper to the back bumper. Not the bumpers themselves, though, because body panels aren’t covered.

What is Cadillac Certified warranty?

The Cadillac Certified Warranty covers the remainder of your vehicle’s original 4-year/50,000-mile New Vehicle Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty, Powertrain, and Emissions, as well as the Corrosion Protection Warranty.

What does GMC Professional Grade mean?

DETROIT — Today, GMC debuts “Like A Pro,” a new campaign evolving its “We Are Professional Grade” positioning. “Like A Pro” celebrates GMC vehicles and customers — people who passionately live life to a higher standard.

Is GMC warranty transferable?

If I sell my car, does the new vehicle limited warranty transfer to the new owner? Yes. If the limited warranty is still active, it will transfer to the new owner.

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